New Revolver and Jet Skis Confirmed Headed to Live!

Speed-Loading R45 Is PUBG’s Newest Revolver!

We had some hints, but now it’s official: jet skis are coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds! And that’s not all – Nvidia also showed off a new revolver, exclusive to the next PUBG map! There’s less than a week until the game is available for Xbox, and just a few more until the launch of version 1.0 for PC… And along with desert map Miramar (revealed yesterday), Bluehole has quite a list of content to polish and prepare. The vaulting and climbing abilities have been tested extensively, so now it’s time for new weapons and vehicles to make a debut. And whereas the existing revolver, the R1895, has a poor reputation, this updated version looks pretty sweet! Players have often requested a speed loader to make the older weapon more appealing – and the R45 finally has this feature! With all these cool new toys to explore, there’s no slowing down the hype train!

Get ready for the first peek of Miramar gameplay – tune in and watch at The Game Awards!

pubg jet ski revolver desert

Read the tweets from Bluehole here!

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