Miramar Officially Revealed: Bluehole Shows Off Desert!

Bluehole Shows Off Miramar Map & Towns

With less than a week until the Xbox version of PUBG hits stores, we’ve finally got some news from Bluehole about the upcoming Desert map… In fact, they’ve broken their usual silence to reveal the new battleground! It’s official: Miramar is the name of this dusty wasteland. In a post on Steam Community News, the dev team revealed the final map layout earlier today. And not only do we get to see the minimap (reproduced below), there’s even some hints about the towns we’ll soon be exploring!

miramar desert map pubg

For example, Bluehole writes: “El Pozo is a city known for its large industrial and entertainment districts. Players can test themselves against all comers in the Luchador Arena, put their motorcycle skills to the test in the death bowl, or hunt in the ruins of the long dead textile factories.”

The possibilities that come with adding another map are practically endless, and PlayerUnknown doesn’t plan to stop there! They’re thinking about the long-term, but players eager for a taste of the action can take heart. Bluehole also says we’ll be able to play on Miramar during the final test server round this month! That’s a lot of reasons to get excited… PUBG is headed to the next level! Remember, we’ll get our first glimpse of Miramar gameplay during The Game Awards tomorrow – be sure to tune in for that!

miramar desert map reveal

Read the post on Steam Community!

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