Bluehole Teases PUBG Vehicle Sound FX Update!

New Car Sound FX Coming Soon!

Intense gunfights and wild vehicle stunts are two of the best things about PUBG… And there’s some cool updates on the horizon for both! Annoyed by the buggy’s whiny engine? Can’t stand that constant Dacia hum? Bluehole just announced they’re replacing all the vehicle sound effects with new high-quality recordings! That’s great news for players who’ve racked up hours in-game and can’t stand the current audio. With their typical dedication to realism, they went the extra mile to get it professionally done… So click the link to see great pics of the recording setup in action in Germany! And the post even hints that there will be different sounds for first-person vs. third-person, so you’ll really be immersed in the experience of hauling butt across Erangel! With all the improvements on the way, PUBG 1.0 is going to be like a whole new game…

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