Miramar (Desert) Reveal at The Game Awards, Dec. 7th!

First Look At Miramar Gameplay in One Week!

Despite the incredible hype around PUBG 1.0 and the shortening window until its release, Bluehole has been keeping quiet lately… There’s not even two weeks until the Xbox release, and still so much to uncover! A handful of screenshots from upcoming Desert map, Miramar have appeared – you can view those here and here.┬áNow, for the first time, we’re going to get to see players explore and battle across this desolate expanse! Geoff Keighley, producer of The Game Awards, made an exciting announcement via Tweet yesterday… Miramar will debut at that event, December 7th! With the new PUBG map expected to hit live servers in late December, there’s not a ton of time for Bluehole to iron out the bugs. Still, a new Battleground should change up the game in a major way – there’s so much to get excited about!

Wanna see the finalized Desert map layout? Check our post here!

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View the announcement on Twitter!

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