HyperX Open Tournament at Dreamhack Saturday!

Need PUBG Action? Watch the HyperX Open This Weekend!

There’s been a little lull between the fire and fury at IEM Oakland and PUBG’s upcoming 1.0 release… So here’s an announcement to warm competitive hearts! Dreamhack Winter 2017 takes place this weekend, and there’s an extra reason to tune in. HyperX is sponsoring an open tournament set to take place on Saturday, December 2nd. If you’re planning to attend the event, this is a chance to rep your solo tactics and compete on the big screen… And the rest of us will be watching just because we love PUBG esports! This is one of the first chances to see how a solos event plays out, so it’ll be a landmark moment for the game. Be sure to tune in on Twitch – the event is scheduled to start at 12pm EST / 6pm CET!

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