New Map Roundup: All The Details on Desert / Miramar!

Red Bull Collects All the Info on New Map ‘Miramar’

It’s been an agonizing few months for the PUBG community… Players eagerly await the new map, Desert, slated to hit servers sometime in December. But now, with that date finally drawing near, we’re getting a wealth of information! The test servers have been a fruitful source for those with the know-how, and there’s lots of interesting things in development. Besides the continual work on the vaulting and climbing features, there are new weapons and even new vehicles coming out soon! But until recently, details on the new map have been sparse. Now there are at least a few things we know for sure! For one, say goodbye to the dull name ‘Desert…’ And hello to sunny ‘Miramar!’

We love Erangel, but its setting can definitely feel a little… rural. The possibility of battling in a sizable urban environment is one of the most enticing parts of this map, and it seems there will be plenty of open spaces to play cowboy as well. There’s not much time before PUBG 1.0 goes live, so get into the test servers and prepare for change!

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