Erangel Goes Mobile? PUBG Port Under Development

Tencent Working on Mobile PUBG, Apparently

Mobile gaming is bigger every year, and the ever-increasing power of our phones means fancier titles to play… But there’s an unbelievable new game getting pocket-sized – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds! An announcement from Tencent reveals that the Chinese gaming giant is aiming to bring Erangel to your cell phone. Of course, PUBG is fairly technically demanding! What compromises will need to be made for a mobile port? The original text (in Mandarin) reportedly specifies that they hope to include all the features from the full game… How will PUBG’s intense and skillful gameplay function on a much smaller screen? Or, for that matter, with no physical controls? It’s tough to say, but even a modest success could mean big bucks in the world’s biggest gaming market!

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pubg mobile portOriginal report on Kotaku!

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