Chinese PUBG Release to Incorporate ‘Socialist Values’

Tencent Appeases Regulators with Chinese PUBG Changes

There’s no denying that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a huge hit in Asia… It alone accounts for a huge portion of Steam’s growth this year! But despite this popularity, there were troubling signs that China’s government might deny its license.¬†Of course, there’s lots of interest in the money to be made from this untapped market… So when the world-class publisher Tencent stepped in to market the game in China, hopes rose once again! Now there’s word that the company has the green light – though Chinese PUBG will feature some changes to foster ‘socialist values.’ This had been one of the original criticisms leveled against the game, so this is a preemptive concession. What will those changes look like? No one can be sure right now, but it’s something we’ll closely monitor as more details emerge!

We also just got word that Tencent is developing a mobile port of PUBG – find that story here!

chinese pubg socialist changes

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