In Retrospect, Cars Were Deathtraps At Invitational

PUBG Cars: Magical Mobility or “Kill Me” Sign?

When the blue zone is closing in, trying to escape on foot can feel hopeless… But sometimes vehicles won’t help you either! During the past weekend’s frenetic action at IEM Oakland, we saw a lot of teams try to traverse Erangel in cars – only to wind up dying in a massive fireball! The thing is, mobility only gets you so far if you’re announcing your presence to everybody nearby. And at the tournament level, there’s a lot of skilled shooters trying to take you down! On the other hand, there are some great uses for a spare vehicle. Keep your space so you don’t die in the explosion and they provide solid cover even in a barren field! PC Gamer has a great article weighing the pros and cons of cars in the Battlegrounds… And they’ve even included clips to illustrate the perils – and advantages – to be considered. There’s lots to learn, so check it out!

Wanna recap the action at IEM Oakland? We have highlight videos for day one here and day two here!

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Read the article on PC Gamer!

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