New Desert Map Screenshots Posted by Nvidia!

Exclusive Images of New PUBG Desert Map!

The PUBG community is getting psyched for this weekend’s huge tournament at IEM Oakland, but that’s not the only thing to look forward to! The upcoming 1.0 release, now something like a month away, will change the game in so many ways! We’ve already seen the impact of vaulting & climbing… In some respects, that feature might still need a little bugfixing.┬áBut the upcoming Desert map should provide a fresh experience for the scarred veterans of Erangel. And Nvidia just released an exclusive batch of screenshots teasing the new Battleground… Check out three of those images below!

pubg desert pics

This desolate terrain is evocative of the southwestern US, and looks like an amazing tactical environment. Do you take to the bluffs for the elevation advantage? Or will that prove too painful if you’re forced to move?

pubg desert battleground

Based on the datamined Desert map, this is probably the city of Hard Luck. There’s sure to be some intense firefights among those ruined shops!

pubg desert map

Finally, this is near-impossible to identify – one of the quiet country roads that we’ll be lighting up with gunfire soon enough! The Bluehole team is doing an incredible job on these environments, and there are bound to be more surprises as PUBG 1.0 approaches.

See the full post from Nvidia here!

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