PUBG Banned 100,000 Cheating Accounts Last Weekend

Bluehole’s Battle Against Cheating Players Escalates!

There’s no denying that PUBG has been in the midst of a “cheat-pocalypse” lately… The recent influx of new players, many of them Chinese, includes a large contingent of hackers – but Bluehole is fighting back! Lots of small patches have hit live servers in the past couple weeks, and the software upgrades are helping to detect and ban more cheating players. In fact, the official BattlEye Twitter account (which rarely makes any posts at all) has been trumpeting its success! The anti-cheat makers apparently banned 100,000 accounts just over the past weekend. That’s an absolutely insane total, and a major increase from the previously-impressive 80,000-in-one-week report.

With PlayerUnknown committing to all-out battle against these dishonorable players, there’s reason to be hopeful… Anecdotal reports already suggest that cheaters are being ‘ghost banned’ so they’re matched against others of their kind. This is a clever way to exclude them from matchmaking while gathering data on how their exploits work.

pubg cheaters cheating bans banned

Check the tweet from BattlEye here!

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