Test Client Vid From Polygon Shows New PUBG Features

Check Out The Test Client Highlights Here!

The much-hyped vaulting and climbing update is finally live on the PUBG test client, and there’s a lot to get used to! In addition to the new movement options, we’re also playing around with a vehicle mechanics overhaul and a ballistics rework that added air drag to projectiles. But what if you don’t want to – or can’t – install the test version? Polygon has you covered, with a 13 minute video showing off some of the possibilities. You can definitely reach some surprising locations with clever movement, so smart players rejoice! The next version of PUBG, slated for release sometime in December, will totally revolutionize the game!

Dataminers also uncovered a graphic version of the unreleased Desert map on the PUBG test client. You can read that story here!

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