Jet Skis & Desert Map Datamined from PUBG Test Client!

Get Ready to Cruise on PUBG Jet Skis!

With the test servers live with new vaulting & climbing updates, some savvy gamers are digging around in PUBG’s files… And they’ve uncovered hints as to what’s coming next! We’re getting tropical – the long-requested jet skis are headed to the Battlegrounds! The current selection of vehicles, though fairly diverse, isn’t anywhere near exhaustive – the addition of jet skis will make it far easier to get around the map as a solo player. Water travel currently leaves you fairly defenseless in the boat driver’s position, and it’s pretty much impossible to navigate rivers. With a jet ski, we’ll be able to traverse Erangel easier (and faster) than ever! But the ski-doos will probably also function on the upcoming Desert map!

Speaking of which, those dataminers uncovered the graphic version of a (presumably near-final) map! It looks like there’ll be less of a watery focus than Erangel, but there’s still a substantial coastline to travel. We can’t wait to play on this new battleground… The addition of Desert will transform PUBG when it goes live towards the end of this year! Take a look at the map preview below:

pubg desert map jet skis

Want to read more about PlayerUnknown’s plans for the future? There’s a great interview right here!

Full article here on VG24/7!

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