Hypothetical PUBG Maps – What Do You Wanna See?

What’re Your Fave Concepts for PUBG Maps?

The battlefield determines so much in PUBG… and Erangel is a perfect backdrop for the game’s vicious, near-apocalyptic premise! But with the new Desert map on the way (and another reportedly in early development), we can start thinking about the future. What other settings would be well-suited to the Ultimate Life-or-Death Fight? PC Gamer has a nice article discussing some ideas for PUBG maps, which range from the mundane to absolutely wild! This is a discussion that comes down to preference, but there are certainly endless ways that maps could bring a new angle to the game. Of their concepts, the idea of a ‘space station’ map stands out as particularly noteworthy. On our end, we’d love to see a ‘tropical island’ variant – maybe an abandoned cruise ship anchored offshore?

What are your favorite ideas for future PUBG maps? Let us know with a comment! Want to see the upcoming Desert map’s layout? Find that here!

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