FaZe Clan Acquires Gorilla Core PUBG Team

New FaZe Clan Roster Will Compete at IEM Oakland!

There are just a few days until the action kicks off at IEM Oakland… Top-tier players from NA and EU are facing off in an epic battle to the death across two days – and the winners get the lion’s share of $200,000! There are twenty total teams in the event, and you can read more analysis of the favorites and underdogs in this post from ESL. But there’s a last-minute change to one of the competing orgs – FaZe Clan just announced its acquisition of European squad Gorilla Core! The new players are MeTor, Haxete, mxey, Jembty, and Fuzzface, plus Zephyr in the coach position. That’s a serious commitment by FaZe’s leadership…

PUBG is blowing up worldwide, and tournament producers are struggling to figure out how to accommodate its unique scale. We recently learned that Korean organizer OGL is planning to build a custom 100-player studio… This is an unprecedented scale for esports, so the world’s eyes will be on Oakland this weekend! Be sure to tune in for PUBG’s American tournament debut!

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