Test Servers Live Tonight with Vaulting & Climbing!

PUBG Test Servers Include Massive Ballistics Overhaul

The PUBG community has been (more or less) patient while Bluehole irons out the issues that delayed the first test servers deployment last week… And just today, we got some incredible news on the game’s Steam News page. In less than eight hours, we’ll be able to play with the vaulting and climbing features! But there’s more content too – vehicles are being tweaked and there’s a huge update to the in-game ballistics to check out… In the ongoing quest for realism, PUBG is adding an ‘air drag’ mechanic that slows bullets over time! This might seem like ‘just another change,’ but it’s sure to be almost as impactful as the new movement options!

Just like in real life, air drag will make long-range shots more skill-testing and help expand the weapon design space. Since each gun has a ‘muzzle velocity’ that determines the bullet’s starting speed, this new mechanic amplifies their differences at any range beyond close-quarters. We’re sure to see shifts (for better or worse) in the effectiveness of some staple weapons once the system is ready on test servers!

In addition to myriad weapon balance changes, there’s also some exciting news for attachments… The 8x and 15x scopes are getting variable zoom levels, and the close-range sights will have adjustable brightness! That should really help the application of a few items, the holographic sight and 15x scope in particular. The test servers will also feature updates to the weapon damage model that will be hugely impactful as the devs add more guns… And there’s still more: check it all out in the patch notes here!

pubg test servers update 2 features vaulting ballistics

Notes on the PUBG Steam News page!

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