PUBG Cheaters In “Cheater-Only” Matchmaking?

PUBG Cheaters Face Ghost Bans, According to Reddit

There’s been a dramatic rise in the prevalence of Erangel’s scourge… PUBG cheaters come in a few different flavors, all of them awful. But Bluehole is fighting back: they recently banned 80,000 suspicious accounts in just one week! PlayerUnknown has expressed a serious, ongoing commitment to cracking down on hacks, so this (unconfirmed) news is exciting stuff… An article at PCGamesN suggests, based on reddit reports, that the game has implemented ‘ghost bans’ for cheating players! Lots of game companies use this method – ‘ghost bans’ let cheaters keep playing, but only against others of their kind. Clear bans are an obvious sign to buy a new account and move on, so this is a reliable way to waste hackers’ time…

What’s more, this gives Bluehole the chance to study the hacks in a ‘safe’ environment and develop ways to shut them down. One thing’s for sure – the war on PUBG hackers is escalating to a new level! As the game is headed for release in China with the help of publisher Tencent, stakes are high… Read more about PUBG’s runaway success here!

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Source article at PCGamesN!

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