PlayerUnknown Interview: PUBG as a “Global Service”

Gameplanet Interview Reveals PlayerUnknown’s Plans

Ok, we’ve featured more than a few discussions with Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene lately… But that’s just because the world’s spotlight is on PUBG and its creator! This interview via New Zealand website Gameplanet is one of the best reads we’ve found lately. That’s because there’s just so much content to enjoy! Inside, Greene gets expressive about his incredible success (“We had an expectation of five million in the first year. We’re not letting it get to our heads…”) and plans for the future (“”New maps, assets, continually refine, and improve. Make custom servers better.”)… Furthermore, we get a look at the story behind Greene’s partnership with Bluehole Studios, the Korean developer who transformed concept into reality! This interview by Matt Maguire is definitely worth your time, so take a look!

Looking for more about the man behind the smash hit? Check out this chat with PlayerUnknown as well! Curious what’s next for PUBG? Here are the latest screenshots from the Desert map!

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Read the entire article at Gameplanet!

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