Desert Map Teased with 5 New Screenshots!

New Pics Show Amazing PUBG Desert Map

The PUBG community is waiting with bated breath for the vaulting & climbing features to hit test servers, but work continues behind the scenes at Bluehole Studios! Late yesterday, PlayerUnknown himself shared five new screenshots from the upcoming Desert map! It sounds like we can expect to play the new Battleground sometime shortly after the PC 1.0 update, which is slated for the end of the year… Without further ado, check out this little preview of the pics! To view all five at full size, see the Twitter posts here and here.

The first pic shows off a rocky, scrubby hillside. This isn’t exactly the Sahara, but it’s definitely recognizable as a desert! There should be tons of great hiding places between those boulders…

This image seems to depict a prison – practically a PUBG staple! Presumably those barbed wire fences will still be a real obstacle when vaulting & climbing makes its way into the game…

And finally, a shot from within one of the abandoned cities! Desert looks like it will have a pretty substantial urban area – can you imagine taking sniper fire from one of those cranes or unfinished buildings? This should be an intense new Battleground, so get hype!

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