Curse Trials Hilarity: UAZ Beep Squad

Unexpected LOLs in the Curse Trials Group Stage!

Sometimes, even in the middle of an intense tournament match, you’ve just gotta make your buddies laugh! There was serious excitement in the air yesterday as the Curse Trials group stage began… And amidst the looting and firefights, there was some unexpected silliness from one particular squad! When money and prestige are on the line, you want to keep your position a secret – right? Not so for these daring players… They use an unusual strategy to draw the enemies’ attention, and get the rest of us chuckling! Check it out!

Want to know more the event? The second day is underway¬†right now on Twitch¬†and the final showdown takes place tomorrow! Or looking for more PUBG comedy? Watch Shroud team up with the legendary FPS god… Wadu Hek!

Event details on the Curse webpage!

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