Tencent Partners with Bluehole to Publish PUBG in China

Chinese Gaming Giant Tencent Bets on Bluehole

China is the world’s largest gaming market, and it’s every developer’s dream to break into the country. So when a native firm offers to partner up, it’s worth paying serious attention! PC Games Insider posted an article reporting that Bluehole Studios will work with Tencent to bring PUBG to China! This offers hope for legitimate players in the face of worries that the Chinese government might ban the wildly popular game. Plus Tencent isn’t just any publisher… They’re a leviathan of the video game world, with stakes in companies like Epic Games and Snapchat – and a previous year revenue of some ~$23 billion USD. Since they’re reportedly interested in buying a stake in Bluehole itself, Tencent has a lot to prove. Will they be able to get the game into China without incident? Millions of potential gamers are waiting!

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