PlayerUnknown Talks Success & Future Plans

 Catch PlayerUnknown’s Thoughts in a New Interview!

The man behind the world’s hottest video game is everywhere, it seems… Having just revealed the Xbox release date (December 12th) at Paris Games Week, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene has given more than a few interviews in recent days. PUBG 1.0 feels like it’s just around the corner, and the allure of the new vaulting & climbing features is completely irresistible! Still, there’s room to look to the long-term: what does the game’s creator think of his rise to stardom? And what other ideas lurk in the mind of PlayerUnknown, waiting for their moment? In one highlight, Greene says that “I hope I never get to [the] stage where I’m… too big for my boots. I’d hope that someone would slap me down at that stage.” That’s a refreshing touch of honesty!

Since there’s still tons to fine-tune before release, PUBG is certain to expand its scope… Watch out PlayerUnknown – you’re headed for game developer super-stardom! Finally, read more about Greene’s plans for PUBG in this article at GameSpot! And what does he think about the Game of the Year possibility? Find out here!

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Check the whole interview at Stevivor!

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