Ninjas in Pyjamas Vid Shows Sick PUBG Squadplay!

Slick PUBG Montage from Ninjas in Pyjamas!

The only thing better than landing an insane shot or crazy vehicle stunt is catching it on camera! The montage (or in this case “squad-tage”) is a time-honored tradition of video gaming – and when you gather some of the best players in PUBG, they’re sure to make your head spin with insane snap shooting and daring plays. This video from Ninjas in Pyjamas shows off the best highlights from their squad. With the team holding an invite to the $200,000 tournament next weekend at IEM Oakland, we’re sure to see some more of the same from them when the heat is on! They’ll be facing off against top-tier competition like Evil Geniuses, Method, TSM, and Cloud9, so the fighting should be fierce… Find more details on the competing teams right here!

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