GDC 2018 Featuring Presentation on PUBG’s Growth!

PUBG’s Rise Earns Spot at GDC 2018

There’s no way to ignore the stunning success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: it’s on the path to world domination! We just learned yesterday that the game has sold 20 million copies, and that’s with Xbox release still a month away… So naturally there’s a lot of interest in replicating that achievement! A new announcement from the Game Developer Conference, or GDC 2018, highlights a presentation on that exact subject – Bluehole’s Marketing & Event Manager Sammie Kang is scheduled to discuss how PUBG became a global sensation! This is a talk that any aspiring game designer needs to see, so save the date! GDC 2018 runs from March 21st to 23rd this coming spring. Since PUBG 1.0 is just around the corner, there should be a lot of material for discussion!

No one knows what to expect after launch, but if the past few months are any indication there’s a lot to come… Bluehole is aggressively patching exploits and banned some 80,000 accounts for cheating in the last week alone. Get ready for the final countdown to launch!

gdc 2018 pubg talk presentation

Announcement on the GDC site here!

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