Four Close Combat PUBG Weapons to Master

Dominate Your Foes with Close Combat Firepower!

When you’re clearing an occupied building, you need the right gun or you’ll be in trouble! The Kar98 might be swell for sniping, but at shorter ranges you want something entirely different. It’s all personal preference at some level, but this article outlines my picks for the best weapons in close combat. Some of these choices might surprise you, but I’ll back them up with concrete facts! These are in no particular order and it will often come down to what you feel comfortable with. I would suggest getting familiar with each of these weapons because sometimes you won’t find your #1 favorite. Hopefully these suggestions will help the next time you breach a compound – either alone or with your squad!

Pump Shotgun (S1897)  – One Shot, One Kill

The pump shotgun (aka S1897) is very strong in close combat, and it’s only enhanced by adding a choke! That often-overlooked attachment reduces bullet spread by 18.20% and increases bullet speed by 15.40%. This is my favorite shotgun of the three in PUBG, because it’s strong all on its own! One of the most important things for a close-combat weapon is the number of attachments needed to make it viable (i.e. to correct for high recoil, small magazine size, or bullet spread). You can use the S1897 with zero attachments and still one-shot people with a bit of practice! But adding a choke to any of the shotguns will dramatically tighten the pellet grouping and make for easier kills, even at distance.

pubg shotgun tips

This wins out over the other two shotguns for a couple reasons. I like the ability to shoot even if you’ve only loaded one shell, which comes in handy during highly-contested drops. Although the firing rate is the lowest of all the shotguns, a miss just means extra time to reassess and follow up with a hit! I know lots of people favor the S12K, but it has its own issues – like increased recoil when aiming down sights, higher base bullet spread, and the inability to one shot through a level 3 vest. As I said, it all comes down to what you prefer… If you’re exceptional with the S686 or the S12K then you should use those weapons. For me, I’ll always opt for the pump shotgun!


Micro Uzi – Tiny But Powerful!

This is by far my favorite gun for close quarters! Despite its poor reputation, there are so many pros to this gun… I’ve changed the minds of more than a few non-believers! A lot of people prefer the UMP even after its nerf, and I hope to show some of you the light. Like the S1897, this gun needs zero attachments to be amazing in close combat. And every attachment you do get is a big deal! At 23 damage per bullet, the Uzi is the “weakest” SMG – but for good reason! It also has the highest firing rate of all SMGs, clocking in at .048 seconds per bullet. The UMP, by contrast, can fire a shot every .092 seconds. In practice, it takes nine shots to kill through level 3 armor with the Micro Uzi – that’s .432 seconds. The UMP takes six shots to kill, which it can put out in .552 seconds.

pubg uzi close combat

Starting advantage: Uzi! Now let’s take a look at headshots. The Micro Uzi needs two shots to kill at level 0 (.096 seconds), three shots for a level 1 or 2 helmet (.144 seconds), and four shots for a level 3 helmet (.192 seconds). The UMP can two-shot anything up to a level 2 helmet, taking .184 seconds to do so. It also needs three shots to kill through a level 3 helmet, which means .276 seconds. Note that the Micro beats the UMP in time-to-kill in every single category! Now that I’ve explained why the Micro is better through stats, let’s move on to other elements of close combat. It’s notable that the Uzi has a very small model, so you can get close to doors and walls without disrupting your aim.

What’s more, the recoil on the Micro Uzi is quite manageable even without the stock. Manage to find that attachment and you’ll be sporting -20% bullet spread, -20% vertical recoil, and +15% recoil recovery. You can even add a compensator for another -25% bullet spread,  -20% horizontal recoil, and -25% vertical recoil! You might hate the Uzi’s iron sights, (I agree it takes some getting used to), but you’ll soon learn that everything in that circle will melt. I implore you: let go of your attachment to the UMP and embrace the Uzi!


Vector – Some Assembly Required

The Vector is another solid weapon for close combat. The only thing keeping it from true greatness is the number of attachments needed to make it viable! Without an extended magazine, the Vector’s capacity is just 13 bullets. At .055 seconds per shot, you can blow through your whole default magazine in .715 seconds! At the very least, an extended mag is required since it brings the capacity to a total of 25 shots – almost double. The Vector also can only fit a Vertical Foregrip… And not being able to use an Angled Grip just adds to your chances of being unable to find the right attachments.  Note too that they recently added the Tactical Stock to the Vector – which is nice, though not necessary.

pubg vector cqc

The Vector benefits enormously from the accuracy increase from a compensator, and in close-quarters combat they’re going to hear your shots regardless! Setting aside its dependence on the right attachments, the Vector is capable of dishing out a ton of damage. It takes seven shots to kill through level 3 armor with the Vector – but that’s done in just .385 seconds, beating out the Micro Uzi at .432! The Vector can also two-tap against a level 0 or level 1 helmet (.11 seconds) and needs just three shots for a level 2 or 3 helmet (.165 seconds). The Vector is absolutely fantastic at getting kills – if you can make up for its need for attachments. At the very least, an extended mag makes it a serious consideration for close combat!


AKM – Pure Power!

A lot of high tier players will pick up a 5.56 gun and run an AKM for their secondary just for close range and clearing. Despite the lowest rate of fire of any assault rifle, a huge spread, and more recoil than other 5.56 guns, it doesn’t hold this baby back one bit. Raw damage is what sets the AKM apart! It can three-shot level 1 armor, four-shot level 2 armor, and kill through level 3 armor with five hits. Other 5.56 weapons take one more shot to kill at each level of armor! Against a level 3 helmet, the AKM kills in two shots while most other 5.56 weapons need three. Now I don’t often use the AKM since I’d rather tote my Uzi. Even so, the AKM is very viable. Its extraordinary damage can be the difference between life and death if the opponent is in your face!

pubg akm close quarters

Pick Your Favorite – but Learn Them All!

You can’t be too picky, because there are always games where you won’t find your favorite gun! Being proficient in these weapons will improve your chances of survival the next time you’re landing hot. Take a few games to try out these weapons if you haven’t already! Or if you have tried them and didn’t like them, give each a solid second chance. I also hope I convinced some of you to trade in the UMP for the Micro Uzi, at least for a few games. Good luck in your next close combat encounter!

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