PUBG Passes 20 Million Copies Sold – And Climbing!

20 Million Sales… And Not Even Out Yet

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is taking over the globe, and it’s not slowing down… Just this morning, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene himself took to Twitter to announce that the game had surpassed the 20 million sales mark! That’s success beyond a doubt, and the game is just entering the final phase before it launches! The Xbox version of the game is hitting shelves on December 12th, with 1.0 on PC similarly close behind. And PUBG’s creator promised more in his tweet:

The previous announcement of 10 million sales was on September 5th, so the pace implied here is insane! That’s eight weeks for the game to double in size – an average of 2.5 million copies sold every week. There’s no better proof of the worldwide appeal of the game, and it certainly explains why the developers – and servers – are so overloaded! Just today, we learned that 80,120 accounts got the banhammer for cheating in the last week alone! But there’s a serious commitment at Bluehole Studios to keep pressing ahead in the weeks until launch. All aboard the hype train!

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20 million pubg sales

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