Bluehole Banned 80,000 PUBG Cheaters This Week

Bluehole Issues Huge Ban Wave with New Tools

Played PUBG lately? You’ve probably seen speedhacks or aimbots… or both! But the Battlegrounds are actually a little fairer lately. Bluehole Studios has expressed a serious commitment to catching and banning cheaters, and they’re proving it true. A news post (in Korean) on the site showed that off in the tally: 80,120 accounts got the banhammer just a one week period! That’s a staggering number, and Bluehole committed to an ongoing campaign in a post on the game’s Steam News page.┬áThe game should also benefit from the use of software to detect “unusual” patterns. In the post’s own language: “When unusual gameplay patterns are detected from an account, that account will be temporarily suspended and investigated.” With a multi-pronged approach, the Battlegrounds team is now equipped to keep the game cheat-free!

PUBG is growing explosively, largely due to its appeal in China. Want to know what’s next for the game? The vaulting & climbing feature test is delayed, but only because the servers will be up for an extended time!

pubg ban wave bluehole ban cheat

See the press release here (in Korean)!

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