Spot Enemies & Get The Kill! A YouTube Guide

Spot Like A Pro with WackyJacky101

You have to see your foes to shoot them – but how do you practice that skill?! Here’s an amazing video guide that shows how you can spot enemies more reliably and get the upper hand… And there’s cool tech too! Video author WackyJacky101 uses a Tobii Eye Tracking system to demonstrate how he scans the horizon and wins firefights while out in the open. There are a few different eye movements that give you the best chances to detect opponents, so it’s worth checking out the whole video. With unscrupulous players resorting to cheats and the like, it’ll feel so damn good to hone your skills and earn the knockdown on an unsuspecting enemy.

Don’t tunnel vision: watch this guide now! And if you need to lighten up afterwards, make sure you’ve seen this amazing DrDisRespect highlight vid!

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