PUBG as an Esport: Analysis from PC Gamer!

PUBG Explores New Frontiers for an Esport

With millions of players already, the popularity of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t in question… But many players and personalities are questioning whether that appeal will translate to an esport! It’s a title unlike any before it: there’s nothing that compares to the combination of massive map, huge multiplayer scale, and skill-testing gunplay. In a way, PUBG’s success as an esport hinges on whether the community can support a spectacle of this size. 100-player-matches could easily test the limits of local tournament organizers, so ladder is more important that ever… But that exposes the game to the danger of cheaters run wild!

PC Gamer has a great article that dives into the opportunities and perils of PUBG esports. There’s some notable talk with PlayerUnknown and two popular streamers that helps illustrate the possibilities, so don’t miss this one!

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Here’s the full read at PC Gamer!

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