PUBG Devs Announce New Crackdown on Cheaters

New Tools to Help Detect PUBG Cheaters

The battle against hacks and cheaters is never-ending, but there’s good news for PUBG players who are sick of the gaming scourge! Bluehole is fighting a tidal wave of malicious users, but they’re not rolling over. New tools are on the way to detect and ban these dishonorable players! In a post on the game’s Steam News page, the studio apologized for the unpleasant presence of so many cheating players and offered a few details about what’s next… The highlight? Analytical software will identify suspicious players automatically! As the post puts it: “When unusual gameplay patterns are detected from an account, that account will be temporarily suspended and investigated.” Adding an automated component will make life far easier for the team behind the world’s hottest video game. With just over a month to prepare for PUBG 1.0, there’s tons to look forward to! When will we see the delayed vaulting & climbing test? Fingers crossed for this week!

Wanna read more about PlayerUnknown’s plans to combat the cheater menace? There were some great details in this interview from GameSpot!

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