Vehicular Madness: The Best of PUBG Stunts!

Insane PUBG Stunts in this Vid!

If you love PUBG, you already know: sometimes this game resembles GTA on a deserted island! There’s all kinds of unintentional hilarity in every match… And nothing is more satisfying than roadkill in a game centered around realistic guns. While some squads are hustling for high finishes, other folks are devoted to testing Erangel’s limits – all for our entertainment! This YouTube video from Doctor Paully showcases some mind-blowing (and gut-busting) PUBG stunts. You’ve probably seen a buggy jump or motorcycle in an unlikely spot… Well, the standard is going up! A few of these vehicle stunts frankly look impossible. But that’s the great thing about early-access gaming: it’s a feature, not a bug! Watch this vid right now!

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Check out Doctor Paully on YouTube!

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