PUBG Creator PlayerUnknown Interview at GameSpot!

Interview Talks Cheaters with PUBG Creator

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the title of 2017… It’s single-handedly carving out a new genre in gaming! So when PUBG creator Brendan Greene talks at length, it’s worth paying attention. Even if you’re not a fan of ‘celebrity developers,’ they often let game news slip! And PlayerUnknown has some encouraging words – particularly on the subject of catching cheaters! The skyrocketing playerbase has lead to more malicious users, and there was even a minor patch yesterday that fixed some common exploits…

Asked about the game’s technical issues, the PUBG creator said: “We’ve been banning up to 20,000 cheaters a day and we’re now able to build profiles on what a cheater looks like [in-game]. We’ll be using that–a lot more statistical analysis–to really beef up our anti-cheat measures and catch people that do manage to bypass them.” That’s great to hear! Most of all, tens of thousands of bans each day should put a serious dent in the incentive to cheat! The full interview at GameSpot has tons of great moments, so don’t skip it!

pubg creator playerunknown interview

Read the entire interview at GameSpot!

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