PlayStyle Royale: RPS Teaches a PUBG Noob

Duos with a PUBG Noob – Ouch!

The beauty of Erangel is that it accomodates all sorts… Some players want to compete for that chicken dinner. Others desire nothing more than a relaxing 140 kph drive on a motorcycle, blaring old movie dialogue through voice chat. Self-imposed limitations are a great way to spice up a game and build a diverse skillset… So RockPaperShotgun’s Matt Cox heads into PUBG with a different challenge each week! In the latest episode, he’s guiding a PUBG noob co-worker through his first ever experience. To make things more interesting, Matt refrains from using his guns until his teammate is knocked down. The whole article is full of golden moments that any PUBG player will instantly recognize!

Two choice quotes:

  • “Alec runs over to join me… and takes some fire – but it’s nothing a can of pop can’t fix.”


  • “20 minutes of not much happening followed by near instant death? … a fairly typical round of Plunkbat.”

Great stuff! Check out the article, and if you wanna read the prior episode of PlayStyle Royale? The crate-hunting details are here!

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Catch the full story on RockPaperShotgun!

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