Vaulting & Climbing Test Delayed to ‘Unexpected Issue’

 No Vaulting Test This Week…

It’s heartbreaking news, but not entirely unexpected… Bluehole won’t be testing new features this week. Players have been salivating over vaulting and climbing for months, as they promise to revolutionize every aspect of gameplay! No more clumsy crouch-jumping through windows! Say goodbye to those frustrating concrete barriers! And can you imagine the parkour possibilities?! The escapes – and chases – are going to be legendary!

But we’ll have to wait a little longer for all that hype to become reality. PlayerUnknown has previously discussed how PUBG’s growth has exceeded every one of the team’s expectations… And early today, the game’s official Twitter account announced that an ‘unexpected issue’ was delaying the planned test. But while we’re all disappointed, the following statement is a bit more hopeful: “When the test servers are deployed, we will be running them for a long time…” That’s some exciting news, since there’s not much time until PUBG 1.0 is slated to launch. Stay patient and get ready to try out cool new stuff in the coming weeks!

pubg vaulting climbing test

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