The Doc at His Best: Amazing DrDisRespect Highlight Vid!

Finest Moments of The Doc, Collected!

PUBG is reaching an ever-expanding worldwide audience, and the numbers involved are staggering! A handful of streamers represent the game at its highest level, and DrDisRespect – aka The Doc – is the cream of the crop! Five days a week, the two-time World Videogame Champion takes to Twitch to entertain tens of thousands of PUBG fans. It’s literally impossible to keep up with all the Doc’s hilarity… much less his Speed, Violence, and Momentum! Need some laughs before you jump into the queue tonight? Or just want to see the best lines from the past few weeks? You’ll definitely want to check out this video from ThePeacePigeon on YouTube!

A few more quick LOLs before you game? Watch this clip where DrDisRespect and Shroud make a $100 sniping wager!

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