PlayerUnknown Interview by Kotaku: “I’m A Camper”

This PlayerUnknown Interview is Great Stuff!

As discussed in our recent playstyle article,¬†everyone has a different approach to PUBG… Some rely on stealth and positioning to stay alive, while others prefer to straight out-think and out-shoot their foes! Kotaku Australia has a fresh PlayerUnknown interview that you might not have seen. In it, the developer of the world’s hottest video game reveals his personal PUBG style! Apparently Erangel’s creator isn’t the run-and-gun sort… He very much prefers the sneaky side of the game, even (hilariously) quoted as saying “I find the bush, I love the bush, and I watch other people kill each other.” Careful PlayerUnknown, people are going to quote you on that!

Anyway, it sure seems like there’s a reason for the presence of ghillie suits in the game… Also noteworthy? Mr. Greene’s favorite weapon (Groza and M24) and comments on esports: “We want to build this from the community up.” There’s some great discussion of the future of mods in PUBG, as well as the team’s difficulties in adapting the Unreal engine. The whole chat is definitely worth your time, so set aside the bloodthirst and read the entire PlayerUnknown interview from Kotaku Australia!

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Find the full interview on Kotaku Australia!

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