First-Person Players are 40% of PUBG’s Population

First-Person PUBG is a Huge Success!

The PUBG playerbase is divided… Ever since the release of first-person perspective (FPP), gamers have been forced to choose their allegiance! Third-person gameplay offers a better field of vision and the satisfaction of constantly seeing your character. On the other hand, first-person is an immersive experience that thrusts you into the Battlegrounds! But it seems like Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene never expected FPP to be so appealing, according to an article from IGN India.

Players love first-person mode, especially in North America and Europe. Overall, some 40% of the PUBG population selects that option – a huge leap over the 10% that PlayerUnknown had anticipated! What explains the massive appeal of a limited perspective? Maybe it’s just easier to “get in the game” that way! Plus FPP cuts to the heart of the Battle Royale genre – what would you do in the Ultimate Life-or-Death Fight? We can’t wait to battle across Erangel in virtual reality!

Trying to decide which mode you prefer? We discussed the pros and cons of each here!

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