The $100 Headshot: DrDisRespect & Shroud

Watch this crazy DrDisRespect headshot!

PUBG sniping is tough, because you’ve got to compensate for bullet drop at often uncertain ranges… How often have you seen a tiny figure through your scope and not even bothered? That’s not the way top streamers like DrDisRespect think – and sometimes a little monetary incentive is all you need to up your game! In one of those only-on-Twitch moments, the Doc teams up with Shroud for some duo queue. When the two of them find a player taking cover far in the distance, they make a bet… Then the Doc busts out his sniping skills to score an incredible headshot!

There’s a ton to learn if you wanna master PUBG sniping, so after watching this vid why not review our guide to attachments in PUBG!

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And if you haven’t, follow DrDisRespect and shroud on Twitch!

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