Twitch Dream Team in 32-Kill Squad Game!

Twitch Streamers Squad Up and Pwn!

What happens when you combine the power of four top Twitch streamers in a single squad? They absolutely dominate! This wild match saw DrDisRespect join forces with shroud, Summit1g, and Chad for a legendary ride… Combined, the four tally a staggering 32 kills over the course of the game! That’s a full third of the players in the game – or eight other enemiesĀ each. There’s tons of great moments in the video… But from the first insane scramble for guns to the final firefight, the outcome is never certain! So set aside whatever you’re doing and watch this video! How often do the Twitch stars align like this?

Did you catch the hilarious 1v1 between the Doc and Summit1g? You can see that video right here!

Meanwhile, follow these great streamers: DrDisRespect, shroud, and Summit1g!

Video by Best DrDisRespect Moments on YouTube!

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