PUBG Xbox Release Date Revealed!

Get ready for Xbox release and PUBG 1.0!

Finally, a date you can put in your calendar… On December 12th, we’ll get the Xbox release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds! During Microsoft’s show at the Paris Game Week, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene officially spoiled the Xbox release date. There weren’t any new features or signs of the Desert map on display during the brief livestream, but gameplay looked smooth and fluid! While the world is salivating at the chance to play PUBG on console, Eurogamer caught Greene for a brief interview to outline the next few steps…

Some big details: PUBG will keep its current price tag of $29.99, even after its Xbox release. In addition, Xbox players can expect vaulting and climbing right away – but not the new Desert map! Developer Bluehole Studios will have to ensure it’s (relatively) bug-free on consoles, so that content will be slightly delayed. And finally, PUBG’s Xbox version will release with third-person play to start, while first-person servers come soon after. Whew, that’s a lot to digest! If you’re a console gamer, rest assured that 2017’s hottest game is just six short weeks away!

We also just learned that PUBG will be using Microsoft’s Azure servers, instead of Amazon. Get the scoop on that story here!

pubg xbox release date

Read the full interview on Eurogamer!


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