PUBG Streams Officially #1, Report Claims

PUBG Streams Replace League of Legends As Most Popular

It’s easy to see that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is taking the world by storm… But now we have confirmation, courtesy of a report from Streamlabs! The company collects stats on livestreaming across all the major platforms and helps process tips for individuals. They have a serious incentive to understand gaming trends, so it’s a big deal that their data confirms PUBG streams have bumped LoL from the top slot! What’s more, this trajectory is sustained – it’s not just temporary hype that has the Battlegrounds on the rise. In fact, PUBG streams collectively totaled some 3.8 million hours in the quarter, compared to 2.5m for League of Legends. That’s a huge gap, and the game isn’t even officially out yet… With an Xbox One release on the horizon, the future is looking bright!

Viewers numbers will also no doubt explode for the upcoming $200,000 PUBG tournament in Oakland, California. Get the latest updates on that event here!

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