Azure to Host PUBG Servers Instead of Amazon

PUBG Switches to Microsoft’s Azure Service

It’s one of those news items you might not notice… Bluehole Studios is switching server hosts from Amazon Cloud Services to Microsoft’s Azure! Cloud computing is making waves in business and gaming equally, so big-name companies are fighting to secure market share. Azure uses Microsoft data centers located around the globe to process all sorts of data for its customers, so game developers can easily ‘outsource’ servers to a world-class company. Unfortunately, we don’t have any sense of the reason for the swap! Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unexpectedly dropped the news with only a brief mention. It’s also not clear whether this change is now live or planned for the future…

Techies will recognize the move from ACS to Azure as a huge coup, but will the average PUBG player see any difference? Hard to say. But Microsoft is already trumpeting the game as an Xbox One launch exclusive, so further integration is a win for the computing giant. We can be sure that as games grow in complexity and graphics quality, we’ll see more titles relying on Azure or its competitors!

Hype for PUBG to come to the Xbox? Soon you’ll be able to get a physical copy for your shelf!

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