China Set to Ban PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

Informal Death Sentence for PUBG in China?

When it comes to China and outside media, all bets are off… The country can be fickle when deciding what TV, internet sites, and games its citizens can (legally) access! Nothing has officially been said in regards to PUBG, despite the fact that it’s a huge sensation in China. But according to Bloomberg News, a prominent Chinese gaming association has condemned the game (and the entire Battle Royale genre) for ‘deviating from core socialist values.’ Although this sounds like an individual opinion, it was apparently written after consultation with the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television… the powerful governmental body that decides what media is licensed in China. Even without a formal ban, this is terrible news for PUBG fans!

pubg china ban

It’s hard to understand this decision, but geopolitics might be to blame. While the winner-takes-all nature of Battle Royale games is debatably at odds with “core socialist values,” a straightforward reason is easy to spot… South Korea and Japan have strong cultural ties to the Battle Royale genre and are often at odds with China. Could simple politics stop the ascent of the world’s hottest FPS? Many PUBG players probably cheer this news, wrongly thinking that this means the end for Chinese hackers… Instead, legitimate players in the world’s largest gaming market won’t have access if this news is true! China has a massive esports scene and millions of potential buyers for any cool new title on the market. While plenty of games have flourished without access to the country, this sort of ban could divide the Chinese gaming community! No one can be certain what’s next…

Want a sense of how PUBG is exploding? Seems that it’s the #1 title in Korean game cafés!

Original report from Bloomberg News here!

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