Vaulting on PUBG Test Servers Next Week!

Vaulting & Climbing Will Redefine PUBG!

We’ve been teased for months but it’s finally time – vaulting and climbing features are headed to PUBG test servers next week! In a post on the game’s Steam News Feed, Bluehole outlined what we can expect to find on the test client once that update hits! It sounds like the movement systems will be getting a massive upgrade once vaulting is in-game… The developer post says enough to get you salivating… “Almost any static object that meets the dimension criteria can be scaled. Additionally, passing through openings in structures (such as windows) is possible as long as they are wide and tall enough.” That means no more fiddly crouch jumps when you wanna quickly escape a building! But that’s not the only upgrade that we can test out…

Although there’s no detail, Bluehole also lists “Changes in vehicle driving” and “Ballistics overhaul” in the key changes… Given the complexity of PUBG’s systems, vaulting alone would have been huge! With so many updates, there’s sure to be lots of bugs to squash. Test servers will be up for several days (at least for this first round), so install your client now! For the moment, we can only speculate about the ballistics overhaul… Will that be as game-changing as the new movement options? Only time will tell!

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