Blue Zone Changes: Now More Deadly!

Blue Zone changes mean falling behind is lethal!

A fat 2.0 GB update came to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds this morning… The contents? Surprisingly scarce, but two huge items were officially noted by Bluehole. As hinted earlier this week, we’ve got blue zone changes on the live client! The famous wall of death now does even more damage, depending on your distance from the safe zone… Compared to some possibilities for blue zone changes, this is relatively minor. Players can still ‘dance’ around the edge without being excessively punished and retrieve valuable resources, even late into the game. Of course, there’s no guaranteeing things won’t eventually be tweaked further, but this is officially the final patch until the 1.0 update towards the end of the year. Meanwhile, there’s still lots of cool content coming to the test servers!

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pubg blue zone changes

Original article on VG24/7 here!

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