Boxed Copy of PUBG Coming to Xbox One!

Hold it in your hands… PUBG boxed copy announced!

Are you one of the players who loves displaying your beautiful game collection? That can be tough in this digital era… but the Battlegrounds will shine on your shelf! If you look forward to a boxed copy of PUBG to hold in your hands, get hype – we just learned via Twitter that there’s officially one in the works! The game is slated to release on Xbox One by the end of 2017, so other consoles can’t be too far behind. Although Microsoft has been quick to hype the game as an exclusive title, Bluehole is keeping quiet about their future plans. Given the dominating success of PUGB on PC, it seems like console gamers represent a massive untapped market!

Any console release will likely include the game-changing vaulting & climbing features. Wanna test those on PC? Check out what we know here! Finally, fear not if you prefer convenience. The game will still be available as a downloadable digital version.

We just learned PUBG’s Xbox version will release on December 12th… Find all the info here!

pubg boxed copy

Want the details? Right here on Gamespot!

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