IEM Oakland’s 12 Invited Teams Revealed!

Get ready for the IEM Oakland Qualifiers this weekend!

There’s less than a month until the $200,000 PUBG tournament at IEM Oakland… Now the full list of 12 invited teams is complete! Method, Evil Geniuses, and Tempo Storm are the final additions, rounding out the top-tier orgs represented. On November 18th and 19th, these 12 squads (along with 8 teams who survive a gauntlet of tournament play this weekend) will clash across Erangel for a share of the cash and eternal glory! This definitely puts the team announcement from Evil Geniuses into context, as they’ll be hoping to start strong and command the spotlight. But how will the scene develop? No one is certain.

Since this is the first North American PUBG tournament, IEM represents something invaluable: a chance to establish a strong brand in the infant competitive scene. Gamers around the world have flocked to the realistic mechanics and familiar concept underlying Erangel. Now the hype is being transmuted into reality, and with millions of simultaneous players there’s certainly an audience for high-level action! The well-known organizations are sure to find new fans, but what about the wild card factor? This weekend, 320 teams are battling across three rounds and two days of competition. After the weekend of slaughter, the top four teams from Europe and NA will receive that coveted IEM invite… Could there be a tourney champion lurking among the unknowns? We’ll know soon!

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