Evil Geniuses Acquires PUBG Team Ahead of IEM Oakland!

Evil Geniuses PUBG Team is Big News!

The North American esports org Evil Geniuses is among the most established and accomplished worldwide… And they’re getting into the Battlegrounds! A fresh new video showcases the sponsored squad, complete with some amazing firefight clips. The four players, Jared “Pandaego” Fletcher, Cole “Gnomey” Garton, Timothy “GOUL” McClelland, and Austin “zWattz” Watts, have all been staples of the leaderboards as well as high-profile streamers since PUBG started to blow up. This team will be competing together at the IEM Oakland tournament in November. With the full support of Evil Geniuses behind them there’s no question they’ll make a showing!

In the Facebook announcement post, the players wrote: “We are here to prove that we have what it takes to take PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds competitive scene by storm and represent EG and all you fans in the upcoming season. Evil Geniuses believes that we have what it takes to carry on their winning tradition and we plan to do so. Cheer for us on the Battlegrounds and thank you to EG and you fans for the support.”

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Erangel will be forgiving to even the most skilled players… Especially when they’re facing off against the same! But with this news, there’s no doubt that the titans of esports are betting on PUBG. All eyes are on Oakland now! Curious about the competition? Check out this post on Team Dignitas’ roster! Or this one about G2 Esports! And see all twelve invited teams here!

Evil Geniuses PUBG team

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