PUBG Vaulting & Climbing Headed to Test Servers Soon!

PUBG Vaulting Coming Soon…

Ready to get your PUBG parkour on? The first of the upcoming updates will test the vaulting and climbing mechanics that Bluehole has been teasing for months… And this is gonna be a huge overhaul to the game! The possibilities for evading an unwanted fight – or finding an unexpected angle to take one on – are about to absolutely explode… And there’s finally an end in sight to the frustration of your character getting caught on knee-high walls! VG24/7 is reporting that the PUBG vaulting update will be available on test servers for three days in early November. With the new Desert map slated for test shortly afterwards, there’s plenty of reasons to install the test version of the game and participate!

Looking for more info on the features headed our way? Check out this post!

PUBG vaulting

All the details from VG24/7 here!

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