Korean Overwatch Pro Announces Swap to PUBG

‘Luna’ to Focus on PUBG Esports

The PUBG esports scene is starting to develop and is already drawing the attention of pro players around the world… And it’s starting to make serious inroads in the competitive community! On Sunday, a well-known Korean Overwatch player, Jang ‘Luna’ Kyung-ho, announced that he’d be making the Battlegrounds his full-time pursuit. Finally, with player counts growing rapidly, and organizers trying new tournament formats, PUBG is emerging as the next big thing in esports! The Korean fanbase of the game is sizable, but will serious talent emerge from the region? Only time will tell!

In a recent sign of PUBG’s ascent, there are reports that it’s the #1 most-streamed game this quarter!

pubg esports

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